• Frequently Asked Questions

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    What value of vouchers can I purchase?

    Vouchers can be purchased in a denomination of your choice (minimum value €20). Orders can only be processed in one currency at a time. If you wish to place an order for both sterling and euro, please do so in 2 separate transactions.

    How secure are the vouchers?

    Each Gift Voucher has a unique code, which is clearly printed on each voucher. This code is your guarantee of a genuine gift voucher. Each voucher must be presented at the hotel when voucher is being redeemed. Please keep the vouchers in a secure location. Once your voucher has been redeemed, the unique code is rendered invalid.

    What methods of delivery are available?


    You have the option to select a .pdf version of your voucher to be sent to you or the recipient via e-mail or post. If sending by e-mail, please ensure you use the correct email address for the recipient.

    By Post

    You can order vouchers to be sent via post. They are displayed in a presentation wallet and we can add a special message to the order.

    How long does it take for the vouchers to arrive?

    Vouchers by email

    To ensure prompt delivery we suggest that you choose the e-mail option as you will receive your vouchers within minutes of confirming your order.

    Vouchers by post

    We will aim to ensure you receive your voucher within 5 working days. However this is subject to postal conditions.

    Can I add a personal note to the voucher?

    Yes, you can add up to 50 words on the voucher for the recipient to see.

    When do I pay for the voucher?

    Full payment for the voucher will be required at the end of the booking process.

    Is there an expiry date on the vouchers?

    Yes, each voucher is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase, the expiry date is clearly printed on each voucher.

    Where can I redeem my Hotel Gift Vouchers?

    There are currently 40 great hotels and serviced apartment locations to choose from, from city centre budget hotels to luxurious resorts.

    How do I make a reservation?

    You must book either on the hotel’s own website or by phoning the hotel directly. Vouchers cannot be used if the reservation is made on a third party website or via a travel agent.

    How do I redeem my voucher?

    The vouchers should be presented on arrival at the hotel, as full or part payment for the stay. A valid credit card will also be required upon check in.

    Can I use my vouchers for other services in the hotel?

    Your gift vouchers can be redeemed towards all services in the hotel/apartments* including accommodation rates; cocktails in the bar; delicious dining; relaxing spa treatments; round of golf… whatever takes your fancy!

    * Excludes goods/services provided by partner companies (e.g. website deposits/booking fees, taxis, visitor attractions, equipment hire, beauty products and cosmetics)

    If I don't use my full voucher, will I get change/refund on the balance?

    At this time change or refunds cannot be given. If you have several vouchers why not save some for your next break or perhaps enjoy a coffee and sandwich before you depart?

    What if I need to cancel my hotel reservation?

    Please contact your hotel/serviced apartments for any changes. Specific terms and conditions can be found on your confirmation email.

    Are Hotel Gift Vouchers accepted in all PREMIER SUITES locations?

    With exception of PREMIER SUITES London, you can redeem your vouchers in any PREMIER SUITES property.